1.Question: what’s kailh brown switch actuator force?

Answer: 50±10gf

2.Question: what’s kailh brown switch lifespan?

Answer: 70M Cycles (min)

3.Question: what’s kailh PG1511 Series switch pre-travel?

Answer: 1.9mm±0.4mm

4.Question: Whether kailh box switch is compatible with MX switch?

Answer: yes

5.Question: Whether kailh red switch is heavy than MX red switch?

Answer: yes,MX red switch is 45±15gf;kailh red switch is 50±10gf

6.Question: what’s the lifespan of the kailh box switch?

Answer: 80M Cycles (min)

7.Question: what’s kailh box switch total travel?

Answer: 3.6mm±0.3mm

8.Question: what’s kailh box switch pre-travel?

Answer: 1.8mm±0.3mm

9.Question: what’s kailh gold switch pre-travel?

Answer: 1.4mm±0.3mm

10.Question: where is the kailh bronze switch clicky theory?

Answer: the clicky bar

11.Question:What is the difference between Kailh blue and the Cherry MX blue?

12.Question:What is the kailh gold switch feeling?

Answer:Clicky feeling,when you click it once on the upstroke.A high-pitched,crisp click,light,precise and utterly unique.

13.Question:What is the difference between Kailh silver switch and kailh copper switch?

Answer:quite similar to the kailh silver switch, only these are tactile, so even though it’s speed the same in terms of actuation force, to our fingers these switches felt heavier than the silver.

14.Quesiton:Whether your company has any agent or distributo

Answer: Nope, we directly sell it from kailhua factory.

15.Question:Where can I buy the Kailh switch?

Answer: please visit our official website (English Version) http://www.kailh.com/en/

16.Quesiton:How does your company transport the goods?

Answer: Customers arrange the forwarder to pick it up or our company will assist you, but the freight needs to be paid by your company

17.Question:Is it possible for us to customize the keyboard switch?

Answer: yeah, the premise is we needs to negotiate with our engineers and your company must satisfy our MOQ.

18.Question:Is the product environmental protection?


19.Question:Is your company has the UL certificaiton?

Answer: yes

20.Question:How about the electrical life of micro switch?

Answer: we have many series micro switch, at present, we has 10M cycles/20M cysles/30M cycles/300M cycles/500M cycles/600M cycles.

21.Question:Whether your company has any agent or distributor?

Answer: Nope, we directly sell it from kailhua factory.

22.What's the difference between BOX series and BOX Heavy series?

The BOX Heavy series made switch features the same as the BOX switch series,with a custom color and heavier spring.

23.What's the  difference between speed silver and speed dark yellow ?

Speed Dark Yellow features the same spring as Speed silver,but with a thicker clickbar.

The Thick Clicks features a thicker clickbar.This increases the tactile feedback tremendously and creates a deeper and louder click.

24.What is the best Kailh Switch for gaming?

Kailh Brown Switch

25.Why recmmend Kailh brown switch for gaming best?

A good mix of typing and gaming.Kailh Brown is widely considered to be the best "middle ground" switch.Its tactile ,silent travel and middle driver make it a multi-function switch.

26.What does Kailh Black mean?

The Kailh Black switch is a heavy ,linear,(red is a light,linear)no sound mechanical keyboard switch in Kaihua.

27.What is the Kailh Red BOX ?

The BOX Red is a linear,no tactile,no sound mechanical keyboard switch .

28.What's Kailh Speed Switch?

These are designed to make you click and click faster than ever before.Autuation travel is shorter to 1.1mm on Kailh Switch.

29.Does Kailh has low profile Key Switches?

Yes,We has the newest  switch--NB switch,choc switch,x switch,mini switch,1316 notebook switch,1442 switch.