3D Joystick Potentiometer Thumb Game Repair Replacement

- Aug 14, 2018-

3D Joystick Potentiometer Thumb Game Repair Replacement




1.Superior operational feeling free from gaps in operating directions ideal for finger-tip operation.

2.Integrated tact switch for selection contributes to the improvement of user-friendliness of the set.


Electrical characteristics

Total Resistance


Total Resistance Tolerance

 ± 20% 

Resistance Taper

 B taper

Rated Power

 Taper B: 0.0125W

Withstand Voltage

 1 minute at AC 250V

Insulation Resistance

 More than 100MΩat DC 250V for 1 minute

Max. Operating Voltage

 Taper B: AC 50V or DC 5.0V

Mechanical characteristics

Figure of lever operation

 Circular Operating

Stopper Strength

 3.1Kgf.cm Min 3Sec.

Operating angle of lever


Push-Pull Strength

 Push/Pull: 5.0Kgf Min 3Sec.

Operating Force


Accuracy of rest position



Operating Life

 Standard life: 1Million Cycles Min.: Long life: 2Million Cycles Min.

Tact Switch specification


 12 V DC, 50mA 

Operating Force




Operating Life

 100,000 Cycles min