An introduction to Kailh switches, including Speed Switch

- Jul 19, 2018-

What Kailh switches are there?

There are three main families of Kailh switches:

  1. Default: switches made to mimic traditional original designs

  2. Speed: switches with shortened travel and actuation distances

  3. Box: switches with the stem surrounded by a box for protection

2. Kailh Speed switches (Silver, Copper, Bronze, Gold)

As explained earlier, speed switches are essentially shortened versions of existing MX-style switches, allowing for faster actuation and intended for gaming. Kailh have produced four different shortened switches: Silver, Copper, Bronze and Gold.

The Kailh Silver switch is  an extremely light (27cN) linear switch with shortened travel (3.5mm) and actuation (1.3mm) distances.

FLtY7ZZ.jpg (1500×1000)

The Kailh Copper switch is a soft tactile switch, with a tactile bump and actuation point just 1.1mm into its 3.6mm travel distance. Combined with its light (40cN) actuation force, and you’ve got a switch that can handle both gaming and extremely rapid typing — definitely one to try.

5hv10a8.jpg (1500×1000)

Kailh’s Bronze and Gold are clicky speed switches. In comparison, the Bronze and the Gold switches provide that same audible clicky feedback, but they have the short actuation distances and minimal actuation force of other speed switches — cool!

dF2oDzl.jpg (1500×1000)

The Kailh Gold is more traditional in its construction, akin to a Blue switch but requiring less force and actuating faster to make it more suitable for gaming.

MwM69Mf.jpg (1500×1000)

  • Kailh Silver: soft linear – 27cN / 1.3mm

  • Kailh Copper: soft tactile – 30cN / 1.1mm

  • Kailh Bronze: soft clicky – 40cN / 1.25mm (bump: 1.4mm)

  • Kailh Gold: very soft clicky – 31cN / 1.5mm (bump: 1mm)