Basic info:Potentiometer

- Jun 18, 2019-

Basic info:Potentiometer

Application:two terminal element

Leading out terminal:three



The function of potentiometer is to regulate voltage(includes DC voltage and signal voltage )and current

The characteristic of structure:the potentiometer’s resistor has two fixed terminal,Manually adjust the Shaft or slide handle and change the movable contact position,so that regulate the value of resistor between the movable contact and fixed terminal to lead to the voltage and current.

Potentiometer is a variable electric component ,which formed of resistor and rotary or slide system,when the resistor’s two fixed contact plus the other voltage,regulating it by rotating or sliding the position contact on the resistor.the movable and fixed contact will get a movable position and turns out certain’s usually applied for partial voltage,as this time,the potentiometer is four terminal.the potentiometer is a slide resistor,there has kinds of type,in generally,potentiometer is used for the speaker volume switch and Laser head power regulating potentiometer is an adjustable electronic device.

As for the partial voltage of variable resistor,the naked resistor will compact one or two movable metal contact.the contact position