Comparison of market mainstream keyswitch

- Sep 05, 2018-

Comparison of market mainstream keyswitch

Among the many computer peripherals input devices, after the major keyboard factories launched their own innovative new mechanical keyboard switches,There are varies kinds of mechanical keyboard switches on the market,In addition to the fact that the traditional switches remain in the strongest market position,We found that many gamers prefer some of the newer switches,After our survey and investigation,BOX switches and Optical switches are the preferred among them.

二、Construction Comparision

1. Mechanical Kailh Box Switch&traditional MX Switch has same pin direction and mount hole,,it's easy to change the keyswitch, good universality ;BOX Switch stem with “fence”design,better stability and dust tightness,,please reference as below pictures

2.traditional Blue adopts the stem of the movable part on the guide core to deform and push the movable part to impact and trigger. The spring is squeezed twice and the key life is 50 million times.BOX switch adopt new structural design, which uses the push rod with "push" to trigger, in the form of a BOX will be protected, thus effectively resist dust water erosion, effective resistance movement by oxidation to increase the service life of the switch, IP56 protection grade certification and 80 million key life.

3.BOX switch adopts spring to control sound、special design paragraph and MX Blue comparision,clear hand feeling. BOX switch consistently pursues a CR value of 25% to 35% in the adjustment of feel,if you're interested in it you can make research it.

4. The optical switches basically have the same structure as the traditional  switches,However the spring plate and the contact point are both removed,And replaced by the through-hole column,The light sensor component in the PCB sends the signal when activated

5. Flaretech switch is same with traditional switch frame,tiny light guide bases on the right top of stem,scale optical switch moulding is different,it's wide and big thickness,each switches has balance design,the wide transmiting strip design on the top of switch body,which needs to design mount hole and PCB Circuit so that cann't change directly.


The BOX switch is outstanding in stability and feel, and the design is distinctive. Compared with traditional switch, it has been greatly improved in life and has excellent performance in all aspects.

Although Optical switch is a little of instability in the switch stroke, tactile consistency is slightly lower, but each has strengths in smooth feeling and continuous percussion.  

With the infrared tube technology, the key can reach the limit of 0.2 millisecond.However, as a result, a set of infrared key electronic components is added to each key, which inevitably increases the additional power consumption and reduces the reliability of the keyboard, thus limiting requirements of keyboard players

As for traditional  Blue, in addition to large paragraph is not conducive to quick stroke and slightly lower click life, other aspects are still better