How about the Kailh BOX Switches?

- May 25, 2020-

How about the Kailh BOX Switches?

What are Linear-Clicky switches?


Using a click-bar rather than a traditional jacket actuation method,BOX White switches have a tiny piece of metal spring that when pressed lifts then slaps against the switch.


This allows the white switch to operate in a linear motion until the nub raises the bar before letting it go. This offers a smaller amount of tactility when compared to MX Blue switches.


Tactile BOX switches


With a light tactile bump, BOX brown switches offer a different alternative to conventional tactile switches.

These tactile switches actuate closer to the top than conventional tactile switches, giving these a refreshingly different typing signature. They start light until the tactile bump and then are heavy until bottoming out.


Linear BOX switches


Owing to the simplicity of the stem, BOX switches have reduced wobble. And, less wobble means less scratchiness.

Those of you who want to completely remove any scratchiness can lube in the stem for that extra smooth feeling

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