How does the Micro Switch Work?

- Apr 01, 2020-

How does the Micro Switch Work?


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The operation of a micro-switch is featured by the fact that a completely slight actuation force and a small actuator movement are typically involved. Most use a stiff metal actuator strip supported by a spring which flips when a certain force on the switch button is applied. 

When released it return back with a high speed using hysteresis so the activation force is higher than the deactivation force. The quick movement of the metal strip produces the characteristic clicking sound lending tactile feedback to the mechanism.

Making Micro Switches Waterproof

Waterproof micro switches have found use in thousands of applications where a serious weather outdoor or high humidity environment exists, or one of great temperature extremes as in military or space applications.  The primary challenge to creating truly waterproof micro switches is that of maintaining seal integrity over potentially millions of switch activations. The goal of high electromechanical switch endurance must be balanced against the conflicting goals of start-up current requirements, type of actuator (plunger, lever, roller, ball, etc…) circuit type, cold or hot temperature performance, and other design parameters to achieve a balanced approach that meets all requirements.