Introduce Kailh KS Switches

- May 28, 2018-

Kailh KS Switches

Kailh has 3 series KS switches currently.

The first series is the widespread---- Kailh KS series.Kailh KS series includes  speed gold,speed copper,speed silver and speed bronze.Except speed gold has 1.4 ±0.4mm pre travel,other speed switch have 1.1± 0.4mm.All kind in this series have the same total travel 3.5±0.4mm and the same operating life 70,000,000 cycles.

The second series in Kailh speed switch series----KS Heavy Switches .They are speed dark yellow,speed burnt orange and speed pale blue.This series  made switch features the same stems as the Speed Switch series, with a custom color and heavier spring.The speed dark yellow has the same stem as the speed silver.The speed burnt orange has the same stem as the copper.And the speed pale blue has the same stem as the speed bronze.

The third series is KS Thick Chicks Swtiches including speed navy.Speed Navy features the same spring as Speed Pale Blue, but with a thicker clickbar.The Thick Clicks features a thicker clickbar. This increases the tactile feedback tremendously and creates a deeper and louder click.

Kailh   KS SwitchesPart.NoTypeOperating ForceTactile ForcePre TravelTotal TravelOperating Life
Speed GoldCPG151101D211Clicky50±10gf-1.4±0.4mm3.5±0.4mm70,000,000 Cycles
Speed CopperCPG151101D213Tactile40±10gf-1.1±0.4mm3.5±0.4mm70,000,000 Cycles
Speed SilverCPG151101D212Linear40±10gf-1.1±0.4mm3.5±0.4mm70,000,000 Cycles
Speed BronzeCPG151101D214 Clicky50±10gf-1.1±0.4mm3.5±0.4mm70,000,000 Cycles
Speed Dark   YellowCPG151101D219Linear70±15gf-1.1±0.4mm3.5±0.4mm50,000,000 Cycles
Speed Burnt   OrangeCPG151101D218Tactile70±15gf-1.1±0.4mm3.5±0.4mm50,000,000 Cycles
Speed Pale   BlueCPG151101D220Clicky70±15gf-1.1±0.4mm3.5±0.4mm50,000,000 Cycles
Speed NavyCPG151101D234Clicky70±20gf-1.2±0.5mm3.5±0.5mm50,000,000 Cycles