Introduce The Product About Kailh Box Switches

- May 15, 2018-

Kailh BOX Switches. 

       BOX switches are IP56 waterproof/dustproof. Only SMD compatible. Not compatible with other LEDS.All the BOX switches have the same conduction travel,total travel and mechanical Life.Their conduction travel are 1.8mm±0.3mm,total travel are 3.6mm±0.3mm,and mechnical life are 80,000,000 cycles(Min).

      There are currently  3 series about box switches in Kailh.

      The first series is the widespread----Box Switches Series.Box Switches Series includes black switch,red switch,brown switch and white switch.

       The second series is BOX heavy Switches. This series switches made switch features the same stems as the BOX Switch series, with a custom color and heavier spring.Box Heavy Switches includes dark yellow switch,burnt orange switch and pale blue switch.

       The third series is  BOX Thick Clicks Switches.The Thick Clicks features a thicker clickbar. This increases the tactile feedback tremendously and creates a deeper and louder click. BOX Thick Clicks Switches includes navy switch and jade switch.

      In addition to the above three series of products,Kailh has produced a new kind of product recently----Royal Switch.The BOX Royals switch is an extremely tactile switch. This exclusive custom made switch features a newly designed contact leaf making the Royal one of the most tactile MX switches on the market. The BOX switch design makes the Royals IP56 waterproof/dustproof. Only SMD compatible and are not compatible with other LEDs. 

Kailh   Box SwitchesPart.NoTypeOperating ForceTactile ForceRemark
 Dark YellowCPG1511F01S08Linear70±10gf-same stem as the BOX   Red
Brunt OrangeCPG1511F01S07Tactile60±15gf70±10gfsame stem as the BOX   Brown
Pale BlueCPG1511F01S06Clicky60±15gf70±10gfsame stem as the BOX   White
NavyCPG1511F01S09Clicky65±15gf95±15gfBOX Navy features the same spring as the BOX  Pale Blue, but with a thicker clickbar.
JadeCPG1511F01S11Clicky50±15gf75±15gfBOX Jade features the   same spring as the BOX White, but with a thicker clickbar.