Kaih Low-Profile Switches

- May 07, 2018-

This form is about kaihua low-profile switches(PG1350\PG1232\PG1442\PG1425)

PG1232: Like The PG1350, But Smaller

Although it’s certainly important to compare the PG1232 switches to the PG1442, it’s perhaps more informative to put the PG1232 next to its bigger brother, the PG1350.

A quick look shows that the former is slightly thinner than the latter--even lower-profile--and the underside protrusion (that slots into a PCB) is a bit shorter as well. The actual slider assemblies of the two switches are nearly identical in size and shape, but there’s one key difference: Whereas the underside of the PG1350 is solid, the underside of the PG1232 has cutouts. Thus, when you press the PG1232, it nestles down further into the switch housing. It’s a clever modification to the original stem design, to be sure.

The edges of the PG1232 also measure a bit smaller than the PG1350--but just a bit. The former measures 15 x 14mm, whereas the latter is 15 x 15mm.

If you want to know more about the Kailh profile switches,you can e-mall to :sales12@kailh.com.

Kaihua   Low-Profile SwitchesPG1350 (Choc)PG1232 (Mini   Choc)PG1442PG1425
TypeLinear, tactile, clickyClickyClickyClicky, tactile
Actuation Point1.5mm (+/-0.5mm)1.2mm (+/-0.5mm)1.4mm (+/-0.3mm)--
Actuation Force50gf50gf50gf (+/-10gf)--
Pressure Point Force60gf60gf55gf--
ActionStandardStandardScissor (vertical slider)Scissor (horizontal slider)
LED LocationTop of switch housingTop of switch housingCenterTop of switch housing
Total Travel3mm (+/-0.5mm)2.4mm (+/-0.5mm)2.7(+/-0.2mm)--