Kaihua has four low-profile mechanical switches

- Mar 26, 2018-

At present,kaihua has no fewer than four type low profile switches ,such as PG1350,PG1232,PG1442.PG1425,now,let's tear down them for your.

As well all know the PG1442 is Light Pipe And Scissor Design


The light pipe design that wouldn't bleed out the light and ensure even lighting under keycaps and legends,the scissor arms for stability

kailh PG1350

The edges of the PG1232 also measure a bit smaller than the PG1350but just a bit. The former measures 15 x 14mm, whereas the latter is 15 x 15mm



PG1350 and PG1232 share the same slider, clear top housing, and clicky metal bar with the coil on the end. They have what appears to be identical stable contact points, although the dynamic metal contact points are slightly different sizes. They also have different springs and different pinouts on the bottom, and whereas the PG1232 has a little wraparound stabilizer bar, like the Brown PG1350, the White PG1350 does not.

The biggest difference between the two is the actuation point and travel. With an actuation point of 1.5mm and overall travel of 3mm,the PG1350 (most standard mechanical have 4mm travel),but the PG1232 is even shallower. It offers 1.2mm actuation and just 2.4mm total travel.Both switches require 50gf at the actuation point and 60gf at the pressure point.

Whereas the PG1232 was designed explicitly for laptops, the PG1350 is for either desktop keyboards or laptops.

the PG1232 and PG1442 are both designed for laptops, PG1425 switchanother scissor design, intended for notebooks


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