Kailh 7 Pins Mini Slide Switch

- Mar 11, 2019-

Kailh 7 Pins Mini Slide Switch

Product description:



Operation Force:200+/-50gf

Spanlifes:10000 Cycles


Basic Parameter

Operation Temperature:-20-70℃

Rating:DC 12V 0.5A

Withstand Voltage:AC250V 50Hz 1min

Operation Force:200+/-100gf 

Contact Resistance:≤0.05Ω

Actuation Life:10000 Cycles

Insulation Resistance:≥100MΩ

The slide switch was made of these parts:

1.iron shell(material :In genera,it's iron material ,the process:via plating nickel dealing to avoid oxidation )

2.Plastic handle(material:POM material,if there has the Fire retardant and high temperature resistant demands,we will select the PA nylon material to injection moulding )

3.Terminal(material is phosphor copper:process:plate silver)

4.Insulation baseboard(material:bakelite plate,process:punch forming )

5.Contace chip(material is phosphor copper:process:plate silver)

6.The circular bead(material:stainless steel,process:plate nickel)

7.Decorated oil(material: Red oil or green oil chemical oil which was painted the contact section of terminal and baseboard ,it's decoration


1.Audio and video product:MP3,MP4 video

2.Digital Product:Digital camera, digital camera, etc

3. Communication products: mobile phone, vehicle-mounted telephone, telephone, building equipment, PDA, etc.;

4. Security products: visual intercom, monitor, etc.; 5. Toys: electronic toys, etc.

6. Computer products: camera head;

7. Fitness equipment: electronic body fat scale, treadmill, etc

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