Kailh box jade and navy

- Aug 12, 2019-

They are heavy and provide a nice audible click with a feeling that far outclasses any other clicky switch;

The Kailh BOX thick clicks provide the satisfying click and tactility that was once missing in the mechanical keyboard scene. The switches consist of 3 main parts, the stem (colored part you see) the clickbar (the part that makes the sound) and the spring (the heavy force )

The Jades have a higher pitched click and require less force overall to press, I am more of a fan of the Navy switches because of how tactile and heavy they feel. The Navy switches are the heaviest readily available switches on the market without modifying them, it feels like the switch bottoms out twice and it just honestly feels amazing, I am in love with these switches, and I recommend any person who loves loud and tactile switches to try these.