Kailh choc switch PG1350

- Dec 02, 2019-

Kailh PG1350, also called Kailh Chocolate Switch or Kailh Choc Switch is a series of low profile metal contact switches from Kailh. They are also in gaming keyboards from Logitech G915,Hexgear ,Sharkoon Purewriter ,Havit HV-KB390L and HV-KB395L,DAREU EK820 and Keeebo Bambo etc.


As we all know the kailh choc switch is low profile design,it isn't compatible with mx keycap and PCB.so if you wanna make it on the pcb,you need to creat a pcb layout.

The kailh choc switch comes with 15*15*11mm profile,the white choc has click bar inside the switch,there has three types for your choice,the white one has click sound and tactile feeling,the brown has tactile bump but not any voice to feedback,the red switch is lighter operation force,if you likes the linear feeling,that's your best choice.

There has blue and black type low profile switch ,that's customized by Dareu,it has different stem design and pin terminal with kailh choc switch.

The keycap of blue type choc switch cann't be compatible with white version,the blue type choc switch is applied on the Sharkoon and Dareu keyboard.


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