Kailh CPJ1165 Series 3D Joystick potentiometer with tact switch

- Sep 14, 2018-


1.Superior operational feeling free from gaps in operating directions ideal for finger-tip operation.

2.Integrated tact switch for selection contributes to the improvement of user-friendliness of the set.


Gamepad,game machine,toy 

Product type:

Horizontal centered and side,universal,gears,with tact switch,w/o tact switch

The main character of CPJ1165 is Mini size. Its overall size is 11.45mm*11.45mm*5.55mm. We can see the thickness of CPJ1165 is only 5.55mm. It was widely used in portable gaming devices and Mini remote controller.

In such a small space, all components were assembled very well, which make the parameters of CPJ1165 mini-joystick very excellent. Total resistance tolerance is within +/-20%. Voltage divider error is 38~62%. The performance is the same as current most joysticks’. Operating life is as long as 1,000,000 cycles.

We can offer switch or without switch type according to customer’s request. The press switch’s operating life is 200,000 times. CPJ1165 resistance is the most widely used. If any other special mechanical and electrical request, we also can make samples for customer approval first.

Now, CPJ1165 series quality is completely stable. More and more portable gaming devices customers readys to contact us to release order. Our produce department is planning to expand the production capacity to meet our customer’s demand.