Kailh Joystick VS Competitor Joystick

- Mar 01, 2018-

Kailh Joystick VS Competitor Joystick

  1. JP1275  and CTS Brief Introduction

    (1).Kailh use PCB Variable potentiometer , Main Size 12.2x12.2x7.5.

    CTS use flexibility Variable potentiometer , Main Size 11.0x11.0x5.0

    Kailh size is bigger than CTS , but it has higher accuracy and lower cost.

    (2).Kailh joystick use one-piece packaging design ,we now get the utility model patent, Patent No.CN201520660681. 

    (3).Appearance contrast:


  2. JP1275  and CTS performance comparison

    (1)CTS rocker potentiometer has more parts , this may lead more cumulative error .Kailh has less parts ,so it would be more precise.

    (2)CTS rocker potentiometer reset part use hardware parts , the loss between each parts is fast , friction coefficient is big , and larger operating strength would also lead low precision. But Kailh use both hardware and plastic , this may help to lower the loss and make the hand feeling light.