kailh keyboard switch series

- Apr 15, 2019-

As we all know,kailh manufactured kinds of keyboard switch,maybe majority of keyboard enthusiasts cann’t figure out the difference of them,now,let ‘s make detail explanation for you.\

Kailh traditonal keyswitch,which also named as Kailh KT Switch,the part # is CPG1511 series,below picture is kaihua RGB keyboard switch,as the customer’s demands for the transmission of light ,we changed it as black bottom and transparent cover as well as white bottom and transparent cover.

The KT Switch has 70M cycles lifespan and 4.0mm total travel as well as 1.9mm actuation travel,the different stem stands for different tactile feeling.which has clicky ,tactile,linear three types.Blue is clicky,brown is tactile,red and black is linear types.

Kailh traditonal keyswitch

Kailh Speed Switch Series

Kailh speed switch has gold,silver,copper,bronze four type,the bronze switch is favorite by player,because of its clicky bar design to produce the clear sound,our kailh box switch’s design principle is same with it.we also has the rose pink switch just has different stem with bronze switch.

the silver switch was applied on the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB Keyboard;the silver switch has 70M cycles lifespan Durable mechanical keyswitches with a 40gf low actuation force ,and 1.1mm short actuation travel.Other three type switches has 1.4mm actuation travel.so that's why we called it as speed switch,its actuation travel is shorter than other series switch.

Kailh Gold– Clicky | 1.4mm operating | 3.5mm total | 50g Actuation | 60g Bottom Out

Kailh Bronze–Clicky | 1.1mm operating | 3.5mm total | 50g Actuation | 65g Bottom Out

Kailh Copper–Tactile | 1.1mm operating travel | 3.5mm total | 50g Actuation | 60g Bottom Out

Kailh Silver–Linear | 1.1mm operating travel | 3.5mm total | 50g Actuation | 70g Bottom Out

kailh speed switch 


Kailh Pro Switch Series

Kailh Burgundy – Linear 50g | 1.7mm | 3.6mm (operating force/travel/total travel)

Kailh Purple – Tactile 50g | 1.7mm | 3.6mm (operating force/travel/total travel)

Kailh Light Green – Clicky 50g | 1.7mm| 3.6mm (operating force/travel/total travel)

kailh pro speed switch 

Kailh BOX Switch Series

Just as its name implies,the kailh box switch is rated for 80M cycles keypresses and feature square around the cross stem,it has stability function.in addtional,we derivative the kailh box heavy switch,BOX burn orange/pale blue/dark yellow.as well as the Kailh BOX Thick Clicks type box jade and box nave,there are prevalent on the DIY players.

Here is the specification of them:

BOX Dark Yellow - Linear | 3.6mm Travel | 70g Actuation | 80g Bottom Out

BOX Burnt Orange - Tactile | 3.6mm Travel | 60g Actuation | 80g Bottom Out

BOX Pale Blue - Clicky | 3.6mm Travel | 60g Actuation | 80g Bottom Out

BOX Navy - Clicky | 3.6mm Travel | 60g Actuation | 90g Bottom Out

BOX Jade - Clicky | 3.6mm Travel | 50g Actuation | 60g Bottom Out

kailh box switchkailh box heavy switch