Kailh navigation push button switch module

- Mar 29, 2019-

 Kailh navigation push button switch module 

Key Specifications/Special Features:

· Navigation tactile key switches with LED illumination or non-illumination type module

· Easy to mount on your panel and using connector terminal link to your  board

· Key switch module integrate LED easy to indicate the status of setting equipment function provides paint and laser etching service for customer who wish have special legend on the key top


Kailh module design 5 ways push button with LED, FFC cable come out easy for install on your own control board, panel snap-in mounting, available customize legends,


The 5 key tact switch module push button switch,adopts the module composition to save the cost.Sole backlight LED can be indicated as the request,the customized pattern engraved button will improve the additional value.



Audio equipment ,panel control,3D printed machine,building automation controller,Wall temperature and humidity control panel, projector, meter head setting button, electric vehicle control, console, instrument control equipment


Kailh navigation push button switch module

Navigation switch is the most concise and complete product panel switch design, with display elements to complete the human-machine interface to communicate with a mechanical switch durability. 

With a sense of feedback, independent illuminated displays, graphic labeling, modular design and easy installation, and its other features, it is currently available in different shapes and sizes and its other specifications, its waterproof and other optional 

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