Kailh Red 4.0 micro switch

- Jan 15, 2020-

Kailh Red 4.0 micro switch

The minimal BT jitter value,the bigger the jitter value is,the easier it is to sen d the wrong signal,which leads to repeated clicks,starting form the internal structure,kaihua GM fretting switch adopts 24K gold contact point and network contact mode to effectively alleviate contact wear caused by high frequency tapping.


24K gold contact +Mesh contact mode

Kailh Red 4.0 micro switch 

The CR value of structural optimization is equal to 25%

Clear and crisp handle ,even springback strength,no lag feeling


In line with the feel of the game


CR value is a key touch parameter value measured by formation and strength,Through extreme and statistical investigation,the setting of CR value of 15%-35% is the best state,Kaihua GM micro switch,through continuous improvement and testing,finally stabilizes the CR value at 25%.