Kailh Silent Micro Switch MI627301D07

- Jun 17, 2019-

As well all know the micro switch’s clicky noise will disturb you when you need the quiet environmental.


So kaihua developed the silent micro switch to satisfy the requirement of end-consumers.

It’s our part # CMI627301D07 and CMI623501D09,the CMI6273 series has 6.2*6.2mm square frame and 7.3mm free position height,the actuation force is 70+/-20gf and 3M lifespan,the operation position is 7.1mm+/-0.2mm.

CMI6273 Silent micro switch

The other one is CMI623501D09 has 3.5mm height,so the actuation travel is short,it’s 3.3+/-0.2mm,the operation force is close to CMI6273 series.


Now,the silent micro switch has widely used for the ELECOM and Logitech Turbo and Pebble .

CMI6235 Silent Micro Switch