Kailh Sun Switches

- Nov 26, 2019-

Kailh Sun Switches

The greatest merit of kailh sun switch with a centered LED that controls the lighting effect with a light pipe, it goes with the vibrant but messy light explosion you get from RGB switches that have clear top ;BTW,the kailh sun switch has click bar design opinion same with kailh box white switch and kailh speed switch.

The keycap is compatible with mx ,but the terminal are not,so there also needs to made a new pcb to soldered it.


A keyboard switch that illuminates the keyboard switch itself by embedding a full-color LED under  the key switch; 
MX and terminal are not compatible. 

A dedicated PCB is required.

Type: Clicky 
Pressing pressure: Approx. 50g ± 10gf 
Operating pressure: Approx. 40g ± 10gf 
Stroke: 3.5mm ± 0.3mm 
Contact: 1.8mm ± 0.3mm 
Plate mount (2 pins) 
Kailh Model number: CPG1511B01D03