Kailh Switch Field

- Mar 08, 2019-

Kailh Switch Field

Kailh Switch Field

As your guys knows that kaihua is a leading manufacturer of keyboard push button switch in China,but kaihua also produce the micro switch for gaming mouse,the micro switch has multiple types,likes square silent micro switch,now Logitech and Elecom applied it on their mouse,and there has right angle micro switch for the mouse right and left button.

The CMI1910 Series middle micro switch has waterproof and non-waterproof function micro switch,with roller lever and different length lever  are available.

Besides.we also rotary encoder switch for the mouse wheel scroll  button,kaihua has two type options,sealed CEN98 Series and non-sealed series encoder.What's more,we developed the SMT rotary encoder as market requirement, such as soldering wire series CEN8080 Series.


Various height and hole dia are available

SMT and DIP types

More long lifespan options

In the addition,we also has joystick potentiometer and led power switch,now we've developed four types joystick potentiometers and kinds of led power switches.

Our kaihua switches has stable quality and quick production,if you have the relevant demands for the electronics component switches and joystickes potentiometers,pls contact us freely.