Kailh Switch PCB hot swapping socket

- Mar 21, 2019-

Kailh Traditional Switch PCB hot swapping socket


These PCB sockets are created by Kaihua named as CPG151101S11 and are used for making your PCB hot swappable socket

(remark:but it must be supported, please check with your manufacturer) .

One socket is enough to do one switch, so please be sure to get an accurate count for your building keyboard demands.


The kailh PCB hot swapping socket is compatible with MX style keyboard switch


Please note that these require a compatible PCB, and will not work on a majority of the PCBs out there. 

There are two types of PCB Sockets - MX compatible and Choc Compatible.

Kailh PCB Hot Swapping Sockets which can support MX switches, Pls pay attention: it only can be used at compatible PCB, so it means you can't use it at a common PCB

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