Kailh Switches Series

- Jan 22, 2018-

As we all know that Kaihua is the first keyboard switches manufacturer in China,kaihua has many types keyboard switches,below is our popular keyboard switches

PG1511 KT Series-kailh Traditional Switch with blue/red/brown/black four type switches

Actuation Travel:1.4mm±0.5mm

Total Travel:4.0mm±0.5mm

Lifespan:70M cycles

PG1511 KS Series-Kailh Speed Switches with gold/silver/copper/bronze four type feel

Actuation Travel:1.1mm±0.3mm

Total Travel:3.5mm±0.3mm

Lifespan:70M cycles

PG1518 Series-Longhua Switches with blue/red/brown/black four type switches

Actuation Travel:1.4mm±0.3mm

Total Travel:4.0mm±0.3mm

Lifespan:50M cycles

PG1280 KH Series-Foreign called it “Agile Switches”red/blue/brown three type

Actuation Travel:1.8mm±0.5mm

Total Travel:3.5mm±0.5mm

Lifespan:50M cycles

PG1593 KO Switches- with 50M lifespan

Actuation Travel:1.6mm±0.5mm

Total Travel:3.6mm±0.5mm

Lifespan:50M cycles

PG1511F BOX Switches - white/red/brown/black four type

Actuation Travel:1.8mm±0.3mm

Total Travel:3.6mm±0.3mm

Lifespan:80M cycles

PG1350 Choc Switches- white/red/brown three type

Actuation Travel:1.5mm±0.5mm

Total Travel:3.0mm±0.5mm

Lifespan:70M cycles