Kailh Three Type Joystick Potentiometer

- Mar 29, 2019-

Kailh Three Type Joystick Potentiometer


At present, kaihua owns three types joystick potentiometer,CJP1311,CJP1165,CJP1612 Series


Let’s introduce KAIHUA CJP1311 joystick potentiometer for you,here is our switch picture and size

 Kailh Three Type Joystick PotentiometerKailh Three Type Joystick Potentiometer

The CJP1311 joystick potentiometer switch is the common version in the market,and we applied the patent for the joystick,it has variable resistance,now it has used for the MSI Force GC30 Wireless Gaming Controller.

 MSI Force GC30 Wireless Gaming ControllerKailh Three Type Joystick Potentiometer

What’s more,our joysticck potentiomer CJP1311 is also suit for Microsoft XBOX


our competitor ALPS RKJXS Series type has same type with kaihua CJP1311 joystick


2. CJP1275 mini joystick potentiometer comes with 12.2*12.2*7.5mm size and got the patents,features push switch integrated the metal operation lever,Z axis is available.it’s same with polyshine and CTS254 Series ,but the CTS with plastic has stopped to manufacture it ,which was widely used for keyboard and mouse as well as handle control.

Our merit:integrated sealed design and potentiometer cann’t be tear down .the dust-proof function is superior than CTS


As we all know the controller’s A.B.X.Y four direction button applies with conduct silica gel switch,but it has defect with short lifespan and slowly actuation,so there has several game joystick potentiometer suppliers change to use our CMI873101S100-2 mini SMT micro switch,this SMT micro switch has long operation life and quick actuation, and the cross button also uses out tact switch CTA5212 series.


But now,we don’t sell this type joystick potentiometer already because of the cost and design.so we developed the CJP1909 series to substitute it.


3. The CJP1612 Series kailh joystick potentiometer has plastic and metal version,CJP1612-A is single direction and one potentiometer with plastic handle

The B type with metal actuation lever.

 kailh joystick potentiometer

It also has integrated design,which tact switch’s function is different from the mechanical switch,it stands for the limited cursor,application with XBOX

 JP1311 Joysitck

JP1612-A Joysitck

JP1612-B Joysitck

JP1612-C JoysitckPolushine’s JP10K is same as our CJP1612 series joysticks.

Our joystick compared with ALPS potentiometer ,kaihua ‘s joystick has small partial pressure tolerance,precise operation force,tiny push tolerance and 27.5°actuation angle.