Kailh Tradition Switch Brief

- Sep 19, 2018-

Kailh Tradition Switch Brief

Multiple key switches options and different hand feel to expeirence.

Kailh switch is most popular mechanical keyboard switch ,the special hand feel and gold contacrt ponit of kailh switches which makes has steady quality,and kailh traditional keyboard switch can be divided into four types,we can recognize it from the stem color blue,red,brown,black,various hand feeling satisfies kinds of customers demands.

Kailh Black Switch                                                        

Heavy force of black switch and short travel as well as no paragraphs;

Because of the heavy actuation force ,so that it won't has case of mistakenly tact and short travel assures precise actuation speed.


Kailh Blue Switch                                                       

Compare to the black switches,blue switch has strong paragraphs and long key travel.Kailh Blue switch is the "most mechanical " key switches,and the blue switch has clear feeling


Kailh Brown Switch                                                    

Brown switch has tactile feeling and slight paragraphs,kailh brown switch can be used in all scenes,it's fit for typing and gaming.


Kailh Red Switch                                                        

Kailh red switch hasn't paragraph ,but the actuation force is smaller than black switch and slightly hand feel.when you click it which hasn't paragraphs,the actuation travel is 2.0mm ,it satisfies for typing and gaming