micro switch's struction for mouse button

- Feb 19, 2019-

As we all known,the micro switch has various series which according to the function and outline.

But the key construction is same,there has six important parts,the operation portion that operates actuation bar of switch mechanical and installation parts,cam and baffle plate belongs to mechanical equipment parts.

The Actuation Bar

it's a part of micro switch and conducts the external force to inner spring struction,then drives movable connection point to open and close. which is generic terms of button and operation rocker.

The Installing Hole

Switch shell to protect switch struction part box body,it's also called cover shell.

Movable Plate

Switching the connection point of struction section,sometimes,it's also named as movable spring.

Contact spacing

it's fixed contact ponit and movable spacing,the effective distance of switch


Acting as input and output of eletrical perfomance conducts section

Below are key specification of micro switch,many micro switch are made of these parts.

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