Mini Self Locking DPDT Push Switch

- Jul 21, 2020-

This 6 Pin DPDT Self locking Push Switch” is also named “Mini Self Locking DPDT Push Switch”

It's unlike momentary switches which connect the wires of the switch only for a second, this switch retains its ON-OFF state until pushed later on.

For example, if you push it once so that it’s turned on state, and it remains in ON state till it’s pressed again.

The mini push button 6 pin switch is useful in controlling power connections , it is DIP through-hole for mounting on PCB.

This 6 Pin DPDT Self-Lock lock Push Switch has four type switches,high-precision mechanism design, perfect operation and long service life.and mostly used in electronic products, household appliances dashboard and other fields.


Switch type: Non-Momentary or latching type

5.8x5.8mm/7x7mm/8x8mm/8.5x8.5mm Size

PCB through-hole mounting

Maximum voltage DC30V

Operating Current 0.1 A