Mouse Wheel Encoders Working Principle

- Sep 27, 2018-

Mouse Wheel Encoders

Mouse Encoder is a type of mechanical incremental rotary encoder with feedback data of rotary direction and rotary speed. 

It features standard Grove interface that will save your lots of work in wiring and programming. Also, it is well adapted to heavy duty and a harsh environment. This product can be applied in toys, robots, and consumer input devices.


The rotating speed is designed to be less 1000 rad/min(radian per minute).


· Versatile for different environment.

· Well adapted for heavy duty and harsh environment.

· With detent and a nice feel.

· Accurate and reliable.


It is versatile for different applications in harsh environment such as toys, robotics and consumer input devices.

The scroll of a mouse works using a rotary encoder to detect the direction and movement of the wheel

But a rotary encoder has its advantages and disadvantages

as we will see in the following tutorial.s

A rotary encoder, also called an axis encoder or pulse generator, is an electro mechanical device used to convert the angular position of an axis to a digital code, which makes it a class of transducer.