Mouse wheel failure

- Mar 15, 2019-

Mouse wheel failure

Before we settle down the questions,let's recognize the wheel scroll rotary encoder

the wheel scroll rotary encoder was divided into two types,traditionaly optical grating scroll,which was widely adopted at beginning,but it has high requirements for the mouse master programming,at present,seldom manufacturers uses the optical grating wheel scroll,the other one is the mechanical rotary encoder.Compared with optical grating encoder,it has good mechanical scale feeling and simple structure and master programming.

so the majority of mice are applied for mechanical whell rotary encoder switch.

Working principle

The optical grating encoder uses Infrared transceiver signal,it doesn't has substantial contact ,so it has good stability and long life,but the life wasn't permanent,the lighting effect will be subtracted when using it.Mechanical rotary encoder has wheel to drive the turnplate,trunplate contact point contacts the base to produce the it has better scale and precise orientation.The mechanical rotary encoder switch was developed from 10 thousand life cycles to 2M cycles,the lifespan of encoder switch wasn't lower than optical grating switch.

Difference of EN97 and EN98 mouse encoderDifference of EN97 and EN98 mouse encoder1

Mechanical encoder disassembly parts show

Mechanical encoder disassembly parts show

When you use the mouse,the mouse wheel appears failure,because of the product

  • inadequate accuracy parts to lead to the tolerance or the bad contact because of mechanical enocder contact

  • material abrasion.

  • Maybe there has sundries inside the mouse,you can disassemble it  to figure out it.

If you wanna change the encoder,you need to pay attention to below issues:

1.the mounting height of encoder 

2.the type of rotary encoder

3.Whether the mouse is customized whell rotary encoder

Below is the rotary encoder switch height measure ways

rotary encoder height

shaft hole shape and dimension