Professional high life gaming micro switch GM 4.0 Red Micro Switch

- Jan 06, 2020-

Professional high life gaming micro switch GM 4.0 Red Micro Switch

 CMI126601D01 kailh GM micro switch

Gamers has high request for the gaming mouse,except for the micro switch durability ,feedback force,button force reference index,the nice hand feeling will make it comfortable when you handle it.


In order to let player comprehend the micro switch definition,we introduce some specification to elaborate it.


1. CR value( hand feeling rate)

CR value is a parameter value to measure the hand feeling from travel to force,the formulas is CR=(OF-CF)/OF,(OF means Actuation Force,CF means Contact Force),based on the study,a nice hand feeling micro switch,the CR value will be controlled into 15%-35%,the Kailh GM micro switch was controlled at 25% after continuously change and test.The Kailh GM micro switch comes with crispy hand feeling,uniform force and no hysteresis.


2. BT Value Bouncing Value Test

The BT value is physical properties of a mechanical switch,the more larger of BT value,the more wrong signal will be made easily ,so that lead to double click,but the kailh GM micro switch was optimized the inner structure and gold contact point as well as web contact surface,and we also made breakthrough process for spring,after changing,effectively avoid the contact point abrasion when you click it high frequently and high strength,which makes the button of mouse with high durability.


3. High strength click life of micro switch

This is a value optimization for button lifespan,the common users and gamers has different click operation force and frequency,so the common lifespan test cann’t be measured with gaming mouse,as well all know,the button of mouse will fail after frequently gamers the GM micro switch was tested with an exaggerated way,tests it 300 times within 1 minute,GM micro switch lifespan achieves to 60M cycles