Sage Switch

- Jun 11, 2018-

Sage Switch

All of them have click pressure point, key stroke with tactile and audible contact feedback. .We have only one series about  sage switch provide for you  at present.

Kailh is a  famous switch inc ,and  also take part in many electronic expo every year.If you want to know more switch documentary about kaihua,you can click this link.

Sage Switch product,it's our pro heavy series--- PRO Sage Switch.

Basic Info 

Product Description

  • Model NO.: CPG151101D233

  • Series:Pro Heavy Switches

  • Usage: Control Button

  • Operating Force: 70± 15gf

  • Tactile Force:  70 ± 15 gf

  • Trademark: KAILH

  • Origin: Made in China

  • Type: Normal Close

  • Kind: Single-pole on-off Switch

  • Total Travel:3.6±0.6mm ( Speed Switches are 3.5±0.4mm )

  • Pre Travel:1.7±0.6mm   ( Speed Switches are 1.1±0.4mm/1.4±0.4mm )

  • Mechanical Life: 70,000,000 Cycles(Min)

  • Specification: Push Button Switches

  • HS Code: 8536500000

Characteritic: Clicky
with "click" sound and has hand feeling(like blue shaft type)

Mainly Applied On Computer Keyboards.

Switch Company:

Kaihua is a automatic switch company.It has private label manufacturers directory called----Kailh directory,it 's famous about thieir keyboard switch.Kailhua is a frequenter of many kind of electronic expo.