Self lock or Momentary Push Button Switch

- Nov 27, 2018-

Self lock or Momentary Push Button Switch

Kaihua is a leading manufacturer in China,which specialized in developing and researching the electronics switches,

our field covers keyboard push button switches,led tact switches,lamp switch as well as mouse switch.

Now,let's have a good look at the kailh latching or momentary push button switch.

The Push button switch includes 5.8*5.8mm mini push button switch and 7*7mm as well as 8*8mm DPDT locking push button.there has three type buttons are feasible,black ,white and blue button.

All of them can be done with momentary and latching function,these push switch are widely used for security equipment and computer peripherals as well as electronics toys.

The latcching function can satify clients demands to design the product,the latchin function is that when you push it,it stays on state,and while you press it again,the switch returns to be off state.