Tact Switches Sort

- Sep 26, 2018-

Tact switches are commonly used in many consumer electronic devices. They have a small footprint and come in many sizes and gram forces.kailh has snap-in type tact switch &surface mount type tact switch&right angle type tact switch sorted

Kailh offers a broad range of miniature tactile, ultra-miniature tactile and micro miniature tactile switches for printed circuit board mounting.  Available in J bend, gull wing, illuminated, sealed, low-profile, low-noise, SMT and through hole versions.Kailh ’s tactile switches are designed for the most demanding applications.


Start with a great design and make it better.  kailh tactile switches offer superior performance and can be tuned to your application requirements.


When it comes to switch haptics, kailh tactile switches are the preferred interface solution for applications including:

automotive (air bags, heating/AC, door handles, column switches)

aerospace (main cabin lights, flight attendant buttons)

consumer (cell phones, headsets, remote controls, wearable electronics)

medical (hearing aids, health diagnostics, portable equipment)

industrial (control panels, instrumentation, power supplies)

computer (keyboards)

telecom/network equipment

handheld applications (power and selection switches, volume control, keyfobs)