The application of kailh joystick potentiometer

- Nov 22, 2018-

The application of kailh joystick potentiometer

As we all know,the joystick potentimoter can be used in game handle controller and it has multiple function to satify the user's requirements.

With the developing of kailh electronics researching,kaihua already designed three types joysticks for customers,such as our JP1311 Series have been applied to MSI FORCE GC30 game handle, our 8.7*4.5*3.5mm mini micro switch also can be mounted in the joystick and there also has our mini tact switch and side micro switch ,

When you tear down the joystick potentiometer,you can see the joystick potentiometer has all kinds of electronics components are using our kailh switch.

Kaihua Electronics is a leading manufacturer of electronics switches, such as keyboard switch,led tact switch,joystick potentiometer and mouse switch,you can find our switches from various brand products,these switches are widely used for computer peripheral equipments,eg mechanical keyboard and computer case power button,micro switch and wheel encoder are applied to mouse and other power tool. as well as car security system.

kailh joystick potentiometer