- Sep 10, 2018-


Kaihua Electronics as a high-tech copmpany that has been successfully building up its reputation since 1990

Kaihua Electronics have also brought some slight modifications and innovations to the peripheral. Yes, these kailh switches have improved upon Cherries in quite a few aspects, so choosing them should not be a difficult decision for you. 

  • kailh Box switches are the obvious choice if you hate key cap wobbling. what's more ,it hand feeling is very good for gaming,They come with reinforced stem which also makes them water and dust resistant.

  • Do you always feel like you gotta game fast? Then, look no further than the Kailh Speed switches.

  • Can't decide between Kailh Box switches and Speed switches? Don't worry, as you can always "start" with the kailh Pro switch family. They basically combine the key features of both worlds and are great for "everyday" and "hardcore" users alike.

Take note, though - even after you find the "family" of Kailh switches that fits you the most, there are different colors with different specs. That's why you should check our for more information.