the inruduction of mouse wheel rotary encoder

- Mar 12, 2019-

The Inruduction Of Mouse Wheel Rotary Encoder

the inruduction of mouse wheel rotary encoder

 With the developing of internet gaming,the majority of gamer was particular to mouse,it has high request of mouse manufacturer's hardware configuration,especially for the demands for mouse hand feeling,in order to satisfy the requirements of mouse rotary encoder,kaihua developed a series of different height and hand feeling sealed mouse scroll rotary encoder to protect the dirty environment,our CEN98 series encoder switch gets admiration of users

KAILH CEN98 series encoder switch


Rating:DC5V 1mA

Conatct Resistance:5Ω(Max)

Insulation Resistance:50MΩ(Min)

Withstanding Voltage:AC50V(50-60HZ) for 1 Minute



Number of Detent:24

Mechanical Life:3M /8 M


mechanical enocoder switch

Sealed design to avoide the dirty internet bar environment

Mechanical rotary encoder life achieves to 8M cycles

mouse wheel scroll encoder switch

Specification of mouse encoder switch:

mechanical rotary enocoder switch