The joystick is also called thumb joystick

- Dec 06, 2019-

The joystick is also called thumb joystick,which is similar with PS2 controller joystick,the directional movement uses two ways to measure 10KΩ potentiometer,the joystick has an alternative button,when you press the button,it starts,it has two potentiometers to transfer the signal;

The troubleshooting tips:because of producing tolerance of resistance,if it’s quiet,the controller joystick cann’t be read accurately.The two potentiometer inside the joystick,it connects with the outside frame,the potentiometer is located beside with side of two black or blue frame,if you observe the center axis of potentiometer to operate the joystick,you will find each potentiometer only move on the axis

10kΩ potentiometer with joystick control