The joysticks potentiometer

- Mar 21, 2018-

The joysticks potentiometer are applied on the gamepad,now Kailh Electronics will introduce the joysticks potentiometer to yours.

The joystick potentiometer adjusts direct current regulation,there will have current through the arm of joystick potentiometer,and then resistance value will be increased because of anodizing.Under the circumstances,we suggest that terminal connected with resistive element joins cathode,arm connects anode. If the direct current through the joystick potentiometer directly,the anode of potentiometer will suffer from oxidative damage and then makes resistance of potentiometer being strong,so youd better to connect the cathode of current with the pins of connecting carbon membrane, the anode just joins with terminal of potentiometer contact ship. We advise consider it as voltage divider when the joystick potentiometer as the variable resistor,at the meanwhile the load resistance RL of joystick potentiometer doesnt less than 10 times of potentiometer rated resistance value.