The principle of kailh box white switch

- Oct 22, 2019-

The principle of kailh box white switch

Kailh Box White clicky switches provide sharply tactile feel, light key travel with numerous advantages from Kaihua's Box switch architecture. 

Kaihua's click bars revolutionized keyboard switch sound with crisp, rattle-free feedback. BOXes offered some interesting improvements on that ubiquitous, oft-copied, fruit-monikered German switch line.

The BOX's design also removed hysteresis—the delay between tactile feedback and activation—found in other MX-type switches.

Kailh Box white -definitely a light switch but the tactile bump is sharp clean and hard to miss,quite 

pleasant to type on in fact,the sound is very high pitched but again it's a very clean sound

Box white-light spring,thin click bar

Box pale blue-heavy spring,thin click bar

Box jade-light spring,thick click bar

Box Navy-heavy spring,thick click bar

Precision molds and tooling result in an increased lifespan — Box switches last 25% longer than regular MX variants during stress testing. The square stems also virtually eliminate wobble. The slider design and sealed contacts provide superior contaminant protection. If liquids or dust somehow penetrate a switch, lower housing vents and a slider drainage port eject the unwanted substances.


  • 10 switches per pack

  • Light weight: 45 gram tactile point, 55 gram spring

  • Light, but crisp, tactility

  • Kailh Box switch architecture

  • Rated for 80 million keypresses

  • Self-cleaning slider and housing design

  • SMD LED Compatible