The Structures Of Tact Switches

- Apr 17, 2020-

The Structures Of Tact Switches is cover,plunger,contact dome,base,terminal



1. The cover is utilized along with the base to protect the internal mechanisms of the switch.
It is made by pressing a metal plate.


2. The plunger transfers the force of the person pressing the switch to the contact dome.
It is generally made of resin, but sometimes rubber is used for larger strokes.


3. The contact dome is a circular part made of metal.
It reverses when force is applied, and allows current to flow between the contacts to turn the switch ON. When the force is removed, the contact dome returns to its original shape and the switch turns OFF.


4. The base is made of resin and both the contacts and terminals are combined into a single component.
It forms the base to which all other components of the switch are attached.


5. There are two types of terminals: ones that are inserted into insert holes on a PCB and ones that are mounted on the surface of a PCB.