Ultra micro thin momentary mm tactile switch

- Jul 08, 2019-

Ultra micro yellow thin momentary 2*4 mm tactile switch for PCB 12 v tact switch

• Ultra-miniature - 2.0mm x 3.0mm
• Surface mount termination
• Very low profile - 0.60mm
• Multiple operating forces

Markets for this micro tactile switch include audio/visual, computer peripherals, consumer electronics, handheld devices, medical equipment, telecommunications and more.


Sharp click with tactile feed back

Multi function / dust proof / ground terminal

Surface mount on PC Board


Terminal TypeSMD
Switch Rating50mA DC 12V
Operation Travel0.2±0.1mm
Operation TpyeMomentary
Operation Force180/250 gf
Operation Life100,000 Cycles
Contact Resistance≤100mΩ max
Insulation Resistance≥100MΩ/m DC 250V
Dielectric StrengthAC 250V/m 50Hz
Operation Temperature-30℃ to + 85℃
Operation Humidity25-85% RH
Solder Ability260±5℃ for 3 seconds