What Is The Best Traditional MX Compatible Switch

- Sep 20, 2018-

The best mechanical keyboard switch for gaming, typing, or any given task is the one that you prefer. That may seem like a silly answer, but we promise it isn’t. Keep reading this page to find the best mechanical keyboard switch for your needs -- not someone else’s opinion about what you should use.


Random people on the internet will pass along all sorts of advice about the best Traditional  MX switch for a given task. Some of them are knowledgeable, but none of them have your fingers or exact typing preferences. Our customers and kailh switch enthusiasts will help you develop your own opinion and act on it. We’ll also list some of our favorite switches (sorted by type) at the end of this article.

Traditional  MX Switches Aren't The Only Good Options


Mechanical keyboard switches fall into three categories: linear, tactile, and clicky.

Certain switches are tougher to press down all the way, or bottom out. Typists who want to avoid bottom out may want switches with special springs (like Hako Trues and Clears) and / or stronger springs. Most common Traditional switches fall into a light resistance range that encourages bottom out. There are also a few special switch models with features like early activation points and sound reducing pads. You can learn more about individual switches and their weight ratings by viewing the Input Club Comparative Switch Guide.


Try Switches And Buy A Switch Tester




It’s best to try switches in a full keyboard. Some stores, like Fry’s Electronics, have keyboard samples out. You can also meet with keyboard forum members, go to keyboard meetups, and try out mechanical keyboards that belong to people you know.

Buy A Switch Tester



Kailh switch testers provide a solid base, translucent keycaps, and a variety of switches. They’re an excellent way to get a general feel for your likes and dislikes. It can be hard to get a good read on individual switches, though. They aren’t soldered in or exposed to your typing style, so a full keyboard could feel very different. If the Kono Switch Tester doesn't have the options you want we recommend buying one from NovelKeys, as they offer immense variety and customization.


Buy Multiple Keyboards / Keypads And Gift / Resell The Ones You Don't Like

If you have lots disposable income, buying multiple keyboards is an option. Mech enthusiasts tend to collect a stable of keyboards, which make great collectibles and gifts. Resale is also common on keyboard forums.

Find And Buy The Best Mechanical Keyboard For Your Needs


A standard full size keyboard or tenkeyless compact model is fine for most people, but those options may not fit your typing style perfectly. Read our “How to Choose a Mechanical Keyboard” page (once it's published) to learn more.