What's Push Button Switch ?

- Jul 25, 2018-

Push Button Switch is tact type switch,which also called tact switch.The push button switch is one of the electronics switches that belongs to electronics components;when you use the enough operation force to press the direction of switches operation to finish ON-OFF function,and if you repeal the switch turn to be OFF,so inner structure depends on the change of metal spring stress to achieve ON-OFF.

The structure of push button switch inserts,base,spring,button,cover.


Momentary contact, 6 pins, square white push button, DIP through hole mounting, Non locking style ,5.8x 5.8mm push button switches, etc.

Used in the fields of electronic products,setupbox, household appliances and more. High precision mechanism design offers acute operation and long service life.

1.It is suggest to use more than 3% scaling powder of solder paste, avoid the soldering flux entering the switch so that the switch is invalid.
2.when designing the press handle, please refer to the drawing provided, do not press the switch directly with a sharp object, and the handle needs to be pressed vertically at the center of the switch, and press the handle to press the system at ±3°.
3.switch welding process, should pay special attention to the temperature and time control at 255±2℃,not more than 5 second. otherwise the temperature is too high,it will affect the switch life.
4.when welding, the switch should be kept OFF to avoid the switch from being damaged.