3D Joystick Potentiometer

3D Joystick Potentiometer

3D Joystick Potentiometer Thumb Game Repair Replacement

Product Details

3D Joystick Potentiometer Thumb Game Repair Replacement


1.Superior operational feeling free from gaps in operating directions ideal for finger-tip operation.

2.Integrated tact switch for selection contributes to the improvement of user-friendliness of the set.

Electrical characteristics

Total Resistance


Total Resistance Tolerance

 ± 20% 

Resistance Taper

 B taper

Rated Power

 Taper B: 0.0125W

Withstand Voltage

 1 minute at AC 250V

Insulation Resistance

 More than 100MΩat DC 250V for 1 minute

Max. Operating Voltage

 Taper B: AC 50V or DC 5.0V

Mechanical characteristics

Figure of lever operation

 Circular Operating

Stopper Strength

 3.1Kgf.cm Min 3Sec.

Operating angle of lever


Push-Pull Strength

 Push/Pull: 5.0Kgf Min 3Sec.

Operating Force


Accuracy of rest position



Operating Life

 Standard life: 1Million Cycles Min.: Long life: 2Million Cycles Min.

Tact Switch specification


 12 V DC, 50mA 

Operating Force




Operating Life

 100,000 Cycles min

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