DIP Keyboard Blue Switches

Kailh KT Switch Series--Blue Switch ,Clicky,DIP Key Switch.
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Long life more than 50 million  operations
Total travel 4.0mm,contac
Comfartable,compact  feeling,operation force for 50gf
High sensitive,sounds  silvery,feeling and rhythm are ferfact
The keystoke are available with  various colors,hand feeling:linear,
soft tactile,click tactile


Pattern angle


Kailh Blue Switches

Image of Cherry MX blue switch


  • Clicky Behavior

  • Heavy Feel

  • Loud

The loudest of the lot is the Blue. This type of switch is ideally suited for typing thanks to the construction of the slider. The two-piece design results in a larger hysteresis and a clicky sound when the tactile point is crossed. The actuation force is usually 60g across all brands. In a nutshell, this switch is great for typing and not for activities like spamming. The popularity amongst gamers also stems from the satisfaction that comes with the click sound associated with it.

PG1511 series switches are made by Kailh in China, and are branded "Kailh" or labelled "PG1511" (one or the other). They are available in clicky, linear and tactile versions, with support for both through-hole and SMD RGB LEDs.


Lifetime was originally cited as 50 million keystrokes. The through-hole LED types are cited as having lifetimes of 60 million for the click type and 70 million for the linear and tactile types.The SMD LED version has a lifetime of 70 million keystrokes across all versions.


Standard switch travel is the standard 4 mm with 2 mm pretravel; this is still the case for the SMD types

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Kailh KT Switch Series--Blue Switch ,Clicky,DIP


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