DIP Keyboard Red Switches

Kailh KT Switch Series--Red Switch ,Linear,DIP
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DIP Keyboard Red Switches,SMD LED Compatible

Kaihua has been producing mechanical switches in a variety of industries for 28 years and has become one of the most well known manufacturers in the community with their Kailh keyboard switches. Combining industry experience with the willingness to hear consumer feedback Kaihua has constantly refined their key switches to stand out as more than a simple clone. Best known for their collaboration with Razer to produce their gaming keyboards, the Kailh switch provides an excellent alternative in a quickly expanding market.



Utilizing the already popular traditional keyswitch form, Kailh switches provide an easy transition and don't let your already existing keycap collection go to waste or make you feel left out when new ones get made.  compatible housing provides a secure fit for any keycaps, PCB's or plates you might want to assemble while still providing the comfort of a lifetime 50 million click rating.

RED Switches

Typically these keyboards have the following characteristics

  • Linear Behavior

  • Light Feel

  • Quiet

The actuation force varies between the 45g & 50g mark depending on the brand. These keyboards are great for those who play games where they need to spam actions. The key resistance needs to be at a minimum for swift & repetitive actions, and this keyboard does just that. The speed is due to the fact that there isn’t any bump or resistance in the middle. However, this is not a great choice for typing since the keypresses can’t be felt. This type of key is commonly sought after by those who play FPS & MMOs which involves spamming of spells & combinations.


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Kailh KT Switch Series--Red Switch ,Linear,DIP


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