Linear Mechanical Key Switch

Kailh KS Switch Series--Silver Switch ,Linear,DIP
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CPG151101D  silver switch


Utilizing the already popular traditional form, Kaihua Kailh  switches provide an easy transition so you don’t have to let go of your  existing keycap collection. The compatible stems provide a secure fit  for any keycaps, PCBs, or plates you might want to assemble. These new speed  switches are made with 3.5 millimeters of total travel with 1.1 - 1.4  millimeters of pre-travel. They also boast a 70 million lifetime click rating.


  • compatible stems

  • Plate mounted

  • Compatible with surface mounted / through-hole LEDs

  • 3.5 mm travel

  • 70 million lifetime click rating

Two words you'll need to know in order to get  the most out of this guide are "linear" and "tactile."  Almost every mechanical switch is one or the other, and the difference between  the two types is easy to understand. To actuate a linear switch, you must push  it all the way down, like a membrane key. To actuate a tactile switch, you  usually push it about halfway down; you can continue pressing the key after  that, but you can also take your finger off and move to the next key right  away.








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