Mechanical Keyboard Pro Purple Switches

Kailh Speed Switch Series--Purple Switch ,PN: CPG151101D222,Tactile,DIP Key Switch.
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Kailh pro purple switch

Not quite as fast as Kailh Speed switches—but no slouch, either—these Kaihua Kailh Pro switches have just 3.6 millimeters of travel and an operating actuation travel of 1.7 millimeters, which means you can type quickly and efficiently. This drop features three different types of switches. The first is the Burgundy, which feels smooth with a slight curve when starting out. Next is the Purple switch, which has a decently strong bump, yet is still smooth. Last but not least


  • Kaihua

  • Compatible with traditional key switch stem keycaps and SMD LEDs

  • Transparent top with white bottom

  • Plate mount

  • Operating actuation 1.7 mm travel

  • Kailh Burgundy: Linear 50 g operating force, 3.6 mm travel

  • Kailh Purple: Tactile 50 g operating force, 3.6 mm travel

  • Kailh Light Green: Clicky 50 g operating force, 3.6 mm travel

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