Tactile Mechanical Key Switch

Kailh KS Switch Series--Coppery Switch ,Tactile,DIP
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CPG151101D  Copper switch with fix pin 

Tactile Mechanical Key Switch

 If you can't decide which switch to type on?
 Purchase this sampler tester kit and decide which switch fits you better.
 This kit is designed to simulate the actual feeling on a  mechanical keyboard
 By mounting all the actual switches on a PCB!
  Mounted on PCB to simulate actual key  feeling.
  60g actuation force, clicky, loud.
  Very popular for typists who don't mind  annoying their neighbors.

 Various  keyboards such as computer keyboard, meter box, digital keyboard, POS machine,  cash register, medical equipment, musical instruments, such as accordion  electric guitar, stage control equipment etc.


 Pattern angle

image005(001).jpg image007(001).jpg

Brown and Brown RGB switches are tactile-style switches, with a bump along the travel path that provides confirmation every time a keypress is registered. These switches are a balance between click switches and linear switches in terms of audio feedback provided and the force needed to register a keypress. They are preferred by gamers who prioritize accuracy over speed and users who enjoy instantly knowing whether a key was pressed.

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